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Life Science Village

The International Centre for Life opened in 2000, born out of an entrepreneurial spirit and a commitment to creating a self-sustaining science village.

Based in the heart of Newcastle upon Tyne, almost 600 people from 35 countries work here: researchers, doctors and nurses work alongside people in the fields of education, public engagement and business. What unites everyone is a passion for science.

At the heart of the science village is the Life Science Centre, which attracts around 250,000 visitors annually. Life's public engagement programme attracts a broad audience for exhibitions and special events, and the education team deliver the biggest schools' science workshop programme in any European museum or science centre.

On site partners include Newcastle University, who chose Life for the location of their Institute of Genetic Medicine; the NHS Newcastle Fertility Centre; the NHS Northern Genetics Service and several young and vibrant biotechnology companies.

"This is a truly wonderful place to visit. I remember visiting when it first opened and they have always ensured it is up-to-date and there is always something to do."

- Trip Advisor Review

Some facts of Life:

  • The ICFL Trust is a registered charity and is governed by a board of trustees.
  • Life’s patron is Dr James Watson, Nobel Prize Winner and co-discoverer of the structure of DNA.
  • The £90 million landmark site was designed by Sir Terry Farrell. Previously it had been a Roman settlement, a hospital and a livestock market.
  • Life is now established as one of the most successful of the country’s 14 landmark Millennium projects.
  • It is an independent and self-funding charitable trust with a robust business plan that eliminates reliance on public funding for its operating costs.
  • Since 2000, teams based at the Centre for Life have earned worldwide headlines for advances in stem cell technology.
  • Almost 600 people from 35 countries work on site with nearly half a million people a year accessing its services.
    Centre map

    Here is a map of the Centre for Life.

    Biomedicine West Wing

    incorporating Newcastle Fertility Centre (NHS) and Newcastle University.

    Biomedicine East Wing

    and Northern Genetics Service (NHS).

    Life Educational Laboratories

    Life Conference & Banqueting

    Life Science Centre, Café & Shop

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    Additional Information
    Trustees' Report 2016 (PDF)  

    Read the Trustees' Report and Financial Papers (Trust). Year ended 31 March 2016.

    The Story of Life (PDF)  

    Read the story of Life... so far.

    The Institute of Genetic Medicine (PDF)  

    Newcastle University's Institute of Genetic Medicine is based at Life. Find out more about its work.