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Adult Workshops

Adult Workshops

Our fun, educational workshops for adults make great team-building or breakout activities

Whether you're looking for an unusual activity for your conference delegates or a team-building activity for your staff, our unique range of adults only workshops, including the Botany of Gin and the Science of Cocktails, are bound to inspire.

Browse the full list of workshops available to adults below, or if you have something in mind that we haven't mentioned, get in touch and we'll see what we can do. We're happy to discuss bespoke options.

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Botany of Gin

Are all gins the same or do differences in flavour justify the differences in prices?

CPD for teachers

Making science and maths exciting.

DNA Fingerprinting
£150 for a whole class, £75 for a half class

Students use current DNA techniques to analyse crime scene and suspect DNA samples to help solve a crime.

Key Stage 416+
DNA and Species
£150 for a whole class, £75 for a half class

How do we know when a species is new to science?

Key Stage 4Key Stage 316+
Forensic DNA
£150 for a whole class, £75 for a half class

Students create DNA fingerprints using gel electrophoresis of pre-digested samples of DNA to solve a vicious crime.

Key Stage 4Key Stage 3Adult16+
Genes in a Bottle

Learn where DNA comes from and what it's for, sample your own cheek cells, extract the DNA and then precipitate and bottle it to make a unique necklace to take home.

Key Stage 4Key Stage 3Adult16+
Genetic Engineering - Masterclass
£150 for a whole class, £75 for a half class

How can we introduce foreign DNA into bacteria and how can this be useful?

Key Stage 4Key Stage 3Adult16+
How Old is the Universe?

Participants look at some of the spectacular deep field images recorded by the Hubble Space Telescope and use these to calculate the age of the universe.

Key Stage 4Adult16+
How Probiotic is your Yoghurt?

Manufacturers claim that their yoghurt's are particularly healthy because of the strains of bacteria they contain. But do the products live up to their claims?

Key Stage 4Key Stage 3Adult16+
Organic Food Investigation

Is there any difference between organic and processed food?

Key Stage 4Adult16+
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