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NEW Workshops

NEW Workshops

We're always adding to our extensive offer of educational workshops for school visits.

Have a look at our most recent additions below:

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Coding Malaria

In this workshop students learn how to code in Netlogo and develop a computer model of how malaria is transmitted.

Key Stage 416+
Destination Space KS1

Join the crew and prepare for a mission to the International Space Station.

Key Stage 1
Destination Space KS2

Packed with experiments, investigations and problem-solving activities linked back to human space flight young crew members will leave inspired.

Upper Key Stage 2Lower Key Stage 2
Destination Space KS3

This workshop provides hands-on space training exploring the skills needed to become a member of the Destination Space crew.

Key Stage 3
Light and Optics

What are the properties of light? How are these properties useful? Find out how light can be manipulated in optical engineering to correct poor vision.

Key Stage 4Key Stage 3
Rat Dissection

School students tend to learn about organ systems in isolation, but only a dissection enables them to see how the various systems link together and how economically they are packed into one tiny body.

Key Stage 416+

Volcanoes is a hands-on workshop that takes students through the investigations and decision-making processes involved in planning the safest place to site a new town.

Upper Key Stage 2Lower Key Stage 2