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Can’t get to us? Let us send a team of Science Explainers to your school!

Life can be at most schools in the region by 10am, and can even stay after-hours to do workshops for parents! The most popular offers include the inflatable planetarium; the Animal Adaptation Roadshow; and Dinomaths, a daylong workshop for one class which uses students’ interest in dinosaurs to promote facility in maths.

For a standard fee of £300 per day we can send two Science Explainers to your school to deliver hour-long sessions to different groups, or to work in greater depth with a specific group.

"We were delighted with the outreach visit from the Centre for Life. We were particularly impressed with the way the staff engaged with all the children; pitching the teaching at the right level and encouraging and answering questions."

- Donna Levin, Class Teacher
Priory Wood School, Middlesbrough

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Animal Adaptation Road Show - Outreach
£300 (per day of outreach)

Two teams compete with each other as they think like scientists and explore the fascinating ways in which animals adapt to their environments in hands-on demonstrations.

Upper Key Stage 2Lower Key Stage 2Key Stage 3Key Stage 1
Bespoke Science Shows - Outreach

We are able to offer one-off science shows for special events subject to availability.

Upper Key Stage 2Lower Key Stage 2Key Stage 4Key Stage 3Key Stage 116+
Dinomaths Outreach
£300 (per day of outreach)

This hands-on maths workshop solves complex problems faced by palaeontologists using simple mathematics. Includes the opportunity to handle real fossils.

Upper Key Stage 2Key Stage 3
Exciting Electricity - Outreach
£300 (per day of outreach)

Children are often taught the practicalities of electrical circuits but are rarely given an in-depth understanding of electricity as a form of energy.

Upper Key Stage 2Key Stage 3
Forces and Motion in Space - Outreach
£300 (per day of outreach)

Our team will turn your hall or gym into a space lab so your students can carry out Galileo’s experiment to measure the rate at which objects fall.

Upper Key Stage 2Key Stage 3
Rubbish Racers - Outreach
£300 (per day of outreach)

Explore forces in a fun way. Students turn cartons and containers that would otherwise be thrown away into balloon-powered cars.

Upper Key Stage 2Key Stage 3
Stamp Rockets - Outreach
£300 (per day of outreach)

Students make a rocket from scrap paper, launch it and see how it flies.

Upper Key Stage 2Lower Key Stage 2Key Stage 3Key Stage 1
Valentina Mouse Astronaut
£300 (per day of outreach)

Students hear the story of Valentina, the mouse who wanted to be an astronaut.

Reception classesKey Stage 1