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Science Workshops

Science Workshops

We offer over 100 workshops from early years to adult learning, all of which are available on demand.

Our workshops are designed so that both the content and style are matched to the target age group.

Use the menu on the left to find the right kind of workshop, browse the full list or filter by key stage using the search options below.

We hope that you can find exactly what you're looking for, but if you don't - we're happy to discuss bespoke options so please get in touch!

Please note: to maximise the learning in our workshops, we prefer to teach students in their normal classes. Mixing students in groups they are not used to can make learning more difficult. If you wish to combine groups, please speak to our Education Department in advance. For health and safety reasons, we have a limit of 36 students in all labs (which falls to 24 in many of the higher level workshops), however we're happy to split larger classes into two or more groups.

"Staff are great too, really knowledgeable and friendly."

- Neal Bickford

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Alive in Space

Join an expedition into space and discover what it means to be alive.

Key Stage 1
Ancient Greek Science

Follow in the footsteps of the Greek philosophers who laid the foundations for modern science and maths.

Upper Key Stage 2
Animal Adaptation

Explore animal adaptation with a series of hands-on activities and investigations.

Upper Key Stage 2Lower Key Stage 2Key Stage 3
Animal Adaptation Road Show - Outreach
£300 (per day of outreach)

Two teams compete with each other as they think like scientists and explore the fascinating ways in which animals adapt to their environments in hands-on demonstrations.

Upper Key Stage 2Lower Key Stage 2Key Stage 3Key Stage 1
Assessed Practical Days
£15 per pupil

Helping students to achieve the highest possible grades in their assessed practical work for GCSE and other similar exams, differentiated for different exam boards.

Key Stage 4
Bacteria Investigation

Galloping food poisoning! Can you identify the cause and work out the right antibiotic to stop the outbreak?

Key Stage 3
Bacterial Evolution
£150 for a whole class, £75 for a half class

Students investigate bacterial DNA to discover what modern DNA techniques reveal about evolution and natural selection.

Key Stage 416+
Botany of Gin

Are all gins the same or do differences in flavour justify the differences in prices?


Prepare and examine slides of animal, plant and bacterial cells to explore their differences...

Key Stage 4Key Stage 3
Cells, Tissues and Organs - Masterclass
£150 for a whole class, £75 for a half class

Students investigate anatomical organisation from the level of the cell to the organ. Includes an eye dissection.

Key Stage 416+
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