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Young Explorers' Zone

Location: Upper floor, Life Science Centre, Newcastle upon Tyne
Young Explorers' Zone
Included in Science Centre admission For under 7s

A hands-on area at Life for under 7s.

Are you looking for exciting activities to enjoy with your little ones? Visit Life’s Young Explorers' Zone, specially designed for under 7s.

This hands-on area lets children explore a garden with a tree house, a shop, a cafe, a kitchen and a recycling centre. They can grow vegetables, prepare a meal, visit a cafe and sort out the rubbish for recycling. Everyday activities for grown-ups, but all new when you’re 4!

It’s an exciting, stimulating and safe world where children get to take charge, learn new things and have fun.

The area is part of a wider range of activities for little ones. Young visitors can also enjoy a specially designed show in the North’s biggest planetarium and pick up a pre-school activity trail from reception.

We also run a number of pre-school days designed to help very young children explore and engage with the world around them.

We sometimes have to close the Young Explorers' Zone, or reduce the activities available in order to accommodate special events taking place on the mezzanine. If the Young Explorers' Zone will be closed completely, we will warn visitors in advance via our website. We're sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. We're an educational charity - we do not receive public funding - so hosting events in this area is a vital source of revenue, enabling us to continue to achieve our charitable aims. Find out more about our charitable status.

In order to enjoy this area safely, please remember the following:

  • Adults are responsible for the supervision and behaviour of children in their care.
  • This area is for children aged under 7.
  • Shoes and clothing that is loose or which has sharp fasteners should be removed.
  • Food and drink is not to be taken into the area.
  • During very busy periods we may have to limit the time visitors spend in the area.
  • During term time, school groups may be using the area. 10am to 2pm tends to be the busy period. If you're unsure, call reception before you visit on (0191) 243 8268.

Feedback is always welcome. Please talk to a member of staff or complete a feedback card on your way out. To hear about other activities for under 7s join our mailing list.

Funded by SITA Trust, as part of their “No More Waste” programme.


You're never too young to start enjoying Life!

Young Explorers (under 7s)

Life is a great place to visit with under 7s - there's so much to do to switch younger children on to science in a fun and engaging way.